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VNUS/Venefit Closure - An office procedure to treat venous reflux disease of the greater saphenouse vein, of the lower leg. Using ultrasound, a small catheter is positioned into the vein undergoing treatment. The catheter delivers heat to the vein wall by using the power of radio-frequency (RF) energy. The vein is welded closed, and blood is rerouted into other healthy veins of the leg.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy - An office procedure that may be required in order to remove large ropey varicose veins of the leg. Small incisions are made in the skin overlying the larger vein. Using small crochet hook-like instruments the vein is removed from the leg. The incisions are closed with a single stitch.

Sclerotherapy - An office procedure in which a medication is injected into a varicose vein. The medication destroys the lining of the vein. The vein becomes inflamed and blood flow stops within the vein. Over time the body takes care of the vein and it will disappear.

Venaseal - The newest catheter vein treatment using advanced medical adhesive (glue). The procedure requires only one needle stick at the vein access site, instead of the multiple sticks to inject anesthesia (numbing medication) along the vein. The glue seals the vein, and blood is rerouted into the healthy veins of the leg.

Varithena - commercial based foamed medication (polidocanol) which is placed in the varicose vein through a catheter or direct injection. The foams fills the varicose vein and destroys the vein. The vein collapses, and blood is rerouted into other healthy veins of the leg

Before the VNUS closure procedure my legs were sore and my veins pronounced. I chose the VNUS procedure because of the look and discomfort of my leg but more so because of what Dr. Jenkins said they could lead to. The procedure only took about an hour it was pleasant and virtually painless. I started to see excellent improvement over the next couple months. My life has improved since the procedure because my leg no longer hurts and I feel stronger.
Terry (age 54)

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