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March 2017

Brooke-Age 26

Prior to my treatment, my leg throbbed and got tired and sometimes numbing. I had the symptoms for some time. After year, veins started appearing.

My experience was great. The procedure was comfortable, easy and fast. There was minimal pain while getting it done. After though the results were amazing. The same day I able to return to my normal workday plus working out the next day.

The vein procedure was quick and easy. Felt very comfortable my entire procedure.

My self esteem improved after the vein treatment as I got many compliments on my legs.

I chose Dr. Jenkins because I've heard good things about his procedures. My experience was fun, friendly, and most of all comfortable.

I would recommend this to a friend or family member.

March 2017

Susan H.-- Age 42

Symptoms before my treatment included heavy feeling in my legs, leg pain at night that kept me up and would wake me up frequently. I am a runner and biker and I felt it interfered with running.

The procedure itself was uncomfortable, but I chose to not take the Valium. The doctor and assisting nurse were wonderful. Afterwards, I felt fine and had a great recovery.

I was up and running immediately with no problems. My running is better now. Never again do I have to sleep with pillows under my legs!

My experience with the vein procedure was excellent. I had one leg done and the experience of the procedure was uncomfortable but the after care and assurance by doctor and staff helped me get through the second leg. I am so happy I had this done. It has improved my overall health.

Aspects of my life that have improved since my treatment are running, biking, and sleeping.

I chose Dr. Jenkins after seeing advertisements. He and his staff were helpful, described the procedure and were very professional. I was apprehensive and they helped me through that.

I would recommend this to a friend or family member.

February 2017

I have had pain and swelling in my right leg for 3-4 years. It had been getting progressively more painful in the last year. My leg felt so heavy while walking for exercise and after long days at work

After meeting with Dr. Jenkins and his staff, a course of treatment was recommended and many questions were answered. I felt comfortable and relaxed prior to the procedure. During the procedure, each step was explained so I was able to stay calm. I walked out of the office with a little numbness in my leg and a complete understanding of symptoms that may arise. After three weeks, I am back to normal activities and feel as good as new.

My experience with Tri-State Vein Center was very good. As I was leaving, I turned around to thank them all for my excellent care and the professional service I received. Since my vein treatment, I have resumed all my normal activities except now they are pain free.

Dr. Jenkins was referred to me by my general practice doctor. I read reviews from former patients and decided on the Tri-State Vein Center. It has been a positive experience.


For about 6 weeks I received treatment on a leg ulcer. A nurse friend suggested I go the vein center with Dr. Jenkins. On the first appointment, doctor advised a compression wrap. I needed to get the fluid off and support the veins. In a week, I could see and feel improvement already. What a gift! Yes, doctor was correct. The compression gave me healing, support and comfort. What an excellent doctor. Dr. Jenkins has all the necessary ability-knowledge-good service-kind-understanding-etc., etc. The staff is well trained and pleasant. The vein center is well done. Clean-excellent equipment-comfort-and even pretty. Thanks to God for this super doctor-Dr. Jenkins. Only a few appointments to be healed.

~Female Patient age: 88

Before treatment at Tri-State Vein Center, my left leg had big, dark blue veins behind my knee that hurt when sitting or riding. Sometimes they were puffy. My right leg had a puffy vein and dark one behind the knee. After working 8 hours at work, right ankle would be dark purple down to the foot and had this for 2-3 years with pain. It just got worse over time. Last six months a lot of pain and throbbing after working or sitting too long.

The procedure was comfortable and easy. Afterwards, had some bruising and a little pain. I took the day off work for the procedure plus one more day. I work standing on cement. I noticed an improvement within three days. The right ankle is no longer purple color after work plus the pain from sitting to long is gone. I still wear compression stockings, but I have no swelling or pain in either feet after work now.

My overall experience was great and the doctor and the nurses let me know what to expect before and after. I was very comfortable with each leg procedure.

Since my treatment, I don’t have to stop as often on long trips. I sleep better with no leg pain at night. My right ankle after a day of work on cement doesn’t have the purple color anymore.

My treatment was great by Dr. Jenkins and the staff.


November 2014~I have been a bank teller for 39 years and on my feet for 9-10 hours a day.Prior to the VNUS procedure I had heaviness in the legs and terrible cramping. I had no procedures prior to the VNUS. For pain relief I wore compression stockings and took Tylenol. After speaking with Dr. Jenkin’s and learning the ultrasound showed my veins were nine times the size they should be, I chose to have a VNUS procedure done. My experience was great. There was little pain and it took less than an hour. I returned to normal activities within a few days. I have noticed so much improvement and no leg cramps! Since the procedure I’m not so tired and I’m able to do more things in the evening!

~Judi age: 67

May 2013~I had multiple symptoms before having the VNUS closure procedure, including tired aching legs, large bulging veins, ulcers and discoloration. I wore ted stockings and put my feet up when sitting. Then I saw an ad in the paper and thought I would check into it-and not just for cosmetic reasons. The procedure was not bad at all, Dr. Jenkins was great at explaining things and the nurses where great helpers. I didn’t take long at all. I returned to work right away and felt improvement in a short time. In a few weeks my legs looked and felt so much better. I would recommend this to anyone having problems. It is nice not to see the big bulging veins in my legs. I no longer have the tired, achy feeling in my legs. Our legs carry us all day, so we need them to feel good!

~Rhonda age: 61

April 2013~Before coming to the Tri-State Vein center I had a few spider veins. In the past I had a laser treatment that didn’t work and only made more spider veins appear. The sclerotherapy treatment was very easy and I didn’t change my routine at all. Right away the areas looked smaller, and it looks even better after 6 months.

~Myrt age: 76

January 2013~Prior to the VNUS Closure procedure I had fullness and aching in my legs. Several areas on my lower legs were very painful to the touch. My legs would swell by the end of the day and at night I would get leg cramps. The only other leg treatment I had was vein stripping in 1972. After a consultation with Dr. Jenkins I decided to have the procedure done. During the procedure I felt only a little pain and it only took a short time. Later that day I was able to go grocery shopping and my symptoms began to improve within a few days. Now I am able to stand for extended periods of time and the tightness in my legs is gone. I can walk further now with no swelling or pain. I HAVE NO LEG CRAMPS AT NIGHT YEHA!!

~Janice age-77

January 2013~Prior to the VNUS Closure procedure I had aches in my lower leg for 5 years. I chose the VNUS because it is a simple outpatient procedure, which only takes a few appointments. I had minor pain during the procedure, but afterword’s I returned immediately to my normal routine. Complete improvement almost immediately. Now I sleep better and I’m less self-conscious about the appearance of my vein.

~Joan age-32

Feb 2013~Before the VNUS closure procedure my legs were sore and my veins pronounced. I chose the VNUS procedure because of the look and discomfort of my leg but more so because of what Dr. Jenkins said they could lead to. The procedure only took about an hour it was pleasant and virtually painless. I started to see excellent improvement over the next couple months. My life has improved since the procedure because my leg no longer hurts and I feel stronger.

~Terry age-54

May 2012~I had a thrombosed (clotted) varicose vein in the right calf and aching in my thighs. I had no other treatments prior to my VNUS procedure. I chose the VNUS closure procedure because it is easier then vein stripping. Although my first procedure took 2 hours I was not uncomfortable at all, the second one took only 1 hour and again I was not uncomfortable. After receiving the VNUS treatment I went out for lunch. I immediately got rid of the ache in my thighs. I returned to work 5 days after the second leg and have no problem being on my feet 40 hours a week. My life has improved after the procedure because I no longer worry about getting a thrombosed vein and can work pain free.

~Charlene-age 64

April 2012~My leg was swelled and it hurt all the time. It hurt off and on for years and the vein protruded. I tried other treatments like wearing stockings or a wrap and to prop my leg up. My doctor referred me here. During the Procedure there was a slight burning and small discomfort which didn’t last long at all. After receiving the VNUS treatment I had to take it easy for a day or so and refrain from horseback riding for a couple of weeks. My symptoms have totally gone and they improved immediately. Now I can walk comfortably and do almost anything I want it is wonderful.

~Ruth-age 71

July 2012~Prior to receiving the VNUS Closure procedure my left leg veins bulged out was itchy and swelled at times near the ankle. It was very nasty looking. I chose the VNUS procedure because my insurance covered the procedure and I was completely informed of what was going to happen. During the procedure I was very relaxed. It took about 3 weeks to feel normal. I was able to walk, do the stairs and drive the same day. The scars are healing and are less noticeable. I am no longer ashamed to wear shorts my legs look a lot better.

~Dixie-age 43

March 2012~Prior to receiving my sclerotherapy treatments I and ugly bulging veins and aching leg pain. I checked in to the laser type treatment but the cost was much greater and was not covered by my insurance. It was recommended by a coworker and after my initial consultation I was convinced that this was the course of treatment for me. The treatment was only slightly painful during the actual injections and I had very little discomfort after, despite being told that I may. I was pleasantly surprised. The next day I went back to my normal activities. I think I could have done so the same day, but I followed the instructions and kept my legs up and took it kind of easy. Within the first couple of weeks I could see a difference. I no longer feel self-conscious about the look of my legs I’d those ugly veins for probably 35-40 years.

~Geri-age 55

December 2011~I had lots of purple spider veins right above my knees on both sides of my legs. During my Sclerotherapy treatment there were just little needle pricks. Really no pain and it didn't take long. After sclerotherapy I was never restricted from anything and my legs did not hurt. I was so happy when summer came and I could were shorts and a swimsuit without the normal embarrassment.

~Connie-age 68

March 2012~After my second child (now 5 yrs.) was born, I noticed extreme fatigue and itching in my legs. Then I saw several varicose veins starting to form. I elevated my legs every chance I could and briefly tried compression stockings. I chose the VNUS Closure Procedure for a few reasons. Mainly, because of my leg fatigue and for overall look of my legs. Also, my father had extremely bad varicose veins and I knew how hereditary they were. I wanted to stay ahead of the problem before I too, had a lot of issues! The procedure was very simple. It took about 30-40 minutes for each and I didn’t feel a thing. VERY PAINLESS!! After the closure treatment, I returned to my normal activities immediately! I went for a two mile walk the very same day and a three mile run the next day! It didn’t hold me back from my active life at all especially with two active boys running around! I have more self-confidence and a lot less discomfort. I’m very happy I did it!!

~Tiffany-age 35

December 2011~I had tired and aching in my right leg not to mention ugly, bulging veins. I never had any other treatment done, but when several friends with similar problems had treatment and were happy with the results, I decided to try it. The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. The actual procedure to treat the vein took less than one hour and although it sounded scary, was very easy with very little discomfort. Dr. Jenkins and his nurses did a nice job explaining everything and took very good care of me!! After a couple of days I was back to my normal routines and workouts. I could tell after a couple of weeks that the tiredness and aching in my leg had improved with no more aching or burning in my leg. Also, on long car trips or after prolonged sitting, my legs feel better than they had in the past. I also look forward to wearing shorts this summer—NO UGLY VEIN!

~Elaine-age 57

October 2011~ For five years I had aching legs and also a burning sensation in my legs. Prior to my care at Tri-State Vein, I had no other treatment. Since I had no blockage, I had injections done. Dr. Jenkins was my first choice as I heard all good things about him. The injections were not painful, just uncomfortable. I went to work 24 hours after my injections. It took three months to see results, but almost immediately I got relief of aching and soreness. I work 12 hour shifts and I now feel I can continue at this pace until I decide to retire.


July 2011~I had swelling of my legs and feet, some varicose veins and aching of the legs. I always did a lot of walking, but my legs started hurting so much, I had to limit my time. Compression socks gave me some relief, but no cure. My family doctor recommended I see Dr. Jenkins. After he explained the procedure, he took an ultrasound and found there was poor blood circulation in my legs so I decided to give VNUS a try! I had no discomfort or pain during the procedure. It took a very short time, and I walked out of the office. Within a few days, I was doing normal activities and would not wake up at night with aching legs. Last week, I walked behind my lawnmower and did yard work for five hours. My wife asked why I didn’t use my riding mower. I told her I needed the exercise. NO ACHES OR PAIN!!

~Gerald-age 81

March 2011~I had problems with my legs for years. My legs always felt tired and heavy. By mid-day, I had restlessness, burning and bulging veins. I tried support hose for comfort, but by evening my legs were swollen. I had to massage and elevate my legs before I could even go to sleep. My procedure took exactly one hour. I was feeling nervous, but Dr. Jenkins and his nurses made me feel very much at ease. I felt no pain during the procedure. I went home that afternoon and put my legs up. Later that evening, I did my regular routine and was back to work the next day. I can now walk longer distances, wear a variety of shoes without aches and pressure on my legs and feet. I can now wear shorts and capris without trying to hide my veins and bruises without make-up.

~Gloria-age 54

March 2011~For ten years, my legs felt heavy and ached when standing for a long period of time. I tried using the prescription support stockings, but they did not give me much relief. After contacting Dr. Jenkins and learning about the VNUS/Venefit closure treatment, I felt comfortable in selecting this minimally invasive procedure. The day following the procedure, I resumed normal activities and was playing tennis two days later. My legs no longer ached as much, or felt heavy after standing for a long period of time. Being an avid tennis player, playing indoors and outdoors all year long, I am no longer self-conscious of my legs and happy to say my legs look much better in my tennis skirts.

~Carol-age 65

February 2011~The symptoms I experienced with my legs included pressure, discoloration and swelling. The only treatment was wearing compression stockings. One day when buying compression stockings, the nurse explained the VNUS/Venefit procedure and give me Dr. Jenkins name and phone number. The procedure caused very little discomfort and took about one hour. I resumed activities the next day and two days later I noticed less swelling and pressure.

~Arlyn-age 75

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